Our Services

Pain–Free Injection Procedures

As a self-confessed “needle phobe,” Dr. Ben is committed to delivering injections and anesthesia with as little anxiety and pain as possible. Most patients don’t even realize they received an injection!

Quiet Tools

Traditional dental tools are powered by air pressure and have a high-pitched sound that many patients find unsettling. Hello! Pediatric Dentistry has invested in electric powered tools which are quieter (and quicker!) to get our patients taken care of with less stress.

Quick Service

Our practice is designed to revolve around the busy lives of the families we serve. We will start each appointment on time so patients and their families can get back to their days as quickly as possible. One of the ways we’re able to do this is by asking our patients to complete paperwork at home prior to their appointment.

Paperless Billing

Patient forms can be easily accessed via mobile phone or email, allowing patients to fill them out prior to an appointment. Tablets are available in our welcome area to complete any outstanding forms.

Modern Setting

The Hello! Pediatric Dentistry office is bright, cheery, welcoming and easy to navigate for patients and families. With a high definition TVs throughout and a tablet bar in the welcome area, we’ve created a stimulating environment for our patients. And our treatment areas are equipped with cutting-edge dental X-Ray technology for better images and lower radiation exposure.

Lots of Smiles

Our number one goal is happy, healthy patients. We’re proud of the work we do and the relationships we develop with the families we serve every day.

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